Expo-Conferinta Internationala 2015 a Carnii si Laptelui

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A successful international event


Recently it took place on the 3rd and 4th of June 2015, at Hotel Alpin in Poiana Brasov, Romania the International Expo-Conference Meat Milk 2015, an event special dedicated to the meat and dairy sectors under the name “Support policies, Reterhnologyzation, Performance- priorities to overcome the impasse”.


1st Day: Do we close everything or do we open perspectives?


The Conference works started on Wednesday, 3rd June with a General Meeting aimed to answer at the question “Do we close everything or do we open perspectives?” which confirmed since at the beginning the interactive Viorica Dancilaspecific of the events organized by infoGROUP agency and the specialized magazines Fabrica de Carne (Meat Sector Magazine) and Fabrica de Lapte (Dairy Sector Magazine). After the welcoming by the General Manager of the agency, Ms. Claudia Bocean, the discussions were about “Romania, in the European Union economic context- Perspectives for meat and milk industries”, held by Ms. Viorica Dancila, VP of  DGAGRI. During her presentation, Ms. Dancila highlighted the opportunities offerd by PNDR program for 2014-2020, both for farmers, as well as for processors, insisting on the idea of farmers’ association and for organizing activities as an integrated system. At the same time, she stressed the need to find new markets for meat and milk products, also detailing the issue of origin labeling for meat products, highlighting the fact that, unfortunately, given the vote in the European Parliament this spring was a populist one, benefiting the large European companies and the highly developed countries in terms of production and meat processing.


The next speaker was Mr. Dumitru Băiculescu-President of ANSVSA (Romanian Sanitary Veterinary and Food Safety Authority), who presented to the auditorium the latest actions of the institution that coordinates, emphasizing the dialogue with Romanian farmers, especially regarding the problem of Bluetongue vaccination. At the same time, Mr. Băiculescu announced ANSVSA intention to open new export lines for Romanian producers and processors, in this regard announcing stronger partnership with China, also opening the Mexic market for Romanian pork.

Dumitru Baiculescu, President of ANSVSA

The first company presentation was held by Mr. George Turtoi, General Manager of GEA Westfalia Separator Romania from GEA Group, the Premium Partner of the Conference. Under the title GEA Group in Romania for a better world-Engineering, Mr. Turtoi the detailed the activity of the group, highlighting theglobal presence, emphasizing the cutting-edge technological solutions from GEA, which are at the farmers and processors’ disposal for all over the world, as well as in Romania.


AON Romania was represented in the General Meeting from June 3rd by Mr. Mircea Baciu, brand manager of the company, who held the presentation entitled „Novel categories of risks for Romanian companies and their management effective solutions.” Entering into dialogue with the participants, Mr. Baciu stressed the need of assuming scientifically the risks by the Romanian managers, informing that AON Romania portfolio has specific products for any kind of business, including farmers and processors from the meat and dairy sectors from Romania.



The last presentation from the General Meeting belonged to Dr. Ion Nicolae, Director of the Biological Product Manufacturing at Romvac Company. Under the title „Whey, global pollutant or important biosource for human and veterinary preparations”, Mr Nicolae detailed the activity of the research specialists from Romvac related to realizing superior whey, presenting the latest achievements materialized in protein for human consumption and treatment for preventing infections of cows’ utter, which excludes the use of antibiotics treatment.


Workshop LAPTE (Milk) Processors

Performance in an unstable economic environment


The workshop dedicated to milk processors had the first presentation by Arnd Kulas, Area Sales Manager of GEA Westfalia Separator, one that, under the title „GEA Westfalia Separator-Innovation is our Tradition” presented the latest technologies for milk separation, which highlight the bacterial separators. Mr. Kulas detailed the company’s offer, focusing on innovation of GEA equipment, as well as their reliability and high performance.

Present at every edition of Meat & Milk, Ms. Desislava Parucheva from Bulgaria, company representative of Biotrend Plus company made an intervention during which presented „alternative and rapid methods for product safety and sanitation„, methods which were detailed at the booth organized in the EXPO section.


Iulia Chinta-ServelectMs. Iulia Chinta, Marketing Specialist and Mr.Andrei Ceclan, Dr. Engineer of the company Servelect presented the „Practical solutions to reduce energy consumption and costs in the milk industry„, which had the gift to arouse interest in the workshop, the two presenting the advantages of energy but especially financial advantages to the customers who adopt Servelect proposals.

In his brief intervention, Dr. Gregorie Lungulescu, Director General of the company Almera International, spoke about „Innovative technologies for the manufacture of dairy products fortified with protein concentrates-LACTOPROT„, in fact, the result of a research project funded by the European Union and successfully implemented in the company he leads.


The latest presentation in the workshop was held by Mr. George Badea, CEO of the company Comagrimpex B & B and Stefano Berto from Italy, Commercial Director at Priamo SPA, those who comunicated „Comprehensive solutions for processing and bottling milk and derived products„, informing them that for the implementation of their technologies, the two companies provide assistance in the phase of project and maintenance services of the highest quality.

Dorin Cojocaru


At the request of the speakers, the workshop debates were merged. Thus, Ms. Dana Tanase-ANSVSA Director, Dorin Cojocaru, President of Romanian Dairy Processors Association and Mr. Florin Căpăţână from Carrefour Romania raised the issue of Order 111 and the necessity of improving the procurement of raw milk by processors, but also the main theme „Hypermarket, partner or competitor?”, where it was claimed the urgent need to achieve a balance in the relationship between retail and suppliers of dairy products, Mr. Cojocaru raising once again the issue of entry into the Romanian market of increasingly quantities of large private label milk.

Dana Tanase-ANSVSA si Florin Capatana Carrefour


Workshop FARM
Farm of the future = Retechnologization and Performance

How different will be the farm of the future in its current form and how technology will change the activities of farmers and which is the statute of the Romanian farmer in the EU? These were just two of the questions that have generated discussion in the FARM Workshop.
By 2050, world population will increase by 2.2 billion people (35%) and the urban population will be twice larger than in rural areas. In this context, to which was added increasing number of people with low and middle incomes, demand for food will increase by 60% in 2050. Moreover, food diets – especially in emerging areas – will focus increasingly on calories from animal origin foods (increase greater than 100%). Such situations that generate major changes require swift finding solutions in order to prevent major food crises.


Eorkshop Farm-Sandu Miclaus GEA „Implementing new technologies in farms, such as automatic feeding systems or automated milking system or the integration proactive management of reproduction (CowScout) are already methods verified in other countries with an advanced agricultural background. The experience and the available logistics of some companies like GEA are now available to Romanian farmers”, said Sandu Miclăuş Engineer and Sales Manager at GEA Farm Technologies in his presentation” Robotics and automation in milking and feeding systems”.

Mr. Ioan Ladoşi, general manager of swine genetics company PIC- Central and Eastern Europe and President of the Association of Pork Producers from Romania (APCPR) presented about „The Impact of genetics in pork production”, effects and maximize benefits genetic potential in swine industry and the benefits for farmers.


Then, Mr Stefan Vaju, Commercial Director at Cargill Nutritie Animala, along with three of his colleagues, presented „New concepts and solutions for animal nutrition”. Conceived in a unique way, the presentation detailed Cargill offer and also new equipment to farmers who enter into contact with animals, particularly practical work equipment.


The Deputy General Director of the Managing Authority for the National Rural Development Programme, Mr. Romulus Vasile Duică
presented to those present at the workshop FARM the latest news and challenges arising from accessing new National Rural Development Programme (PNDR) by farmers.


Matjaz Podmiljsak SloveniaThe special guest of the workshop was Mr. Podmiljšak Matjaž, from Cooperative Union of Slovenia, Copa-Cogeca member who presented the successful model of Cooperative Union of Slovenia. A graduate of the Faculty of Biotechnology from University of Ljubljana, Matjaz Podmiljsak is the head of Biotechnology department from the Cooperative Union of Slovenia, a member of COPA-COGECA. He talked about „The Slovenian model of European success.” Cooperative Union of Slovenia is a non-governmental organization with voluntary membership. Union unites 71 agricultural cooperatives, forestry and fishery. Cooperatives, members Cooperative Union of Slovenia, have more than 15,500 members and 3,000 employees. They generate revenues of over 700 million euros per year.


At the end of the workshop, Mr Dorin Valter Enache, Director of  DSVSA Brasov, Mr.Claudiu Franc, President of the Romanian Federation of Cattle Breeders and Ioan Ladoşi, President of APCPR were key players in the debate „Romanian EU farmer condition: main role or figurative? „. They emphasized that without effective support policy development and without finding new markets for meat and milk produced in Romanian farms, Romanian farmers will have a secundary role in „landscape” of European industry and agriculture.


Second Day: Innovation and retehnologization- trend or necessity?


The second day of the EXPO- International Conference Meat & Milk 2015, which took place at Hotel Alpin in the Poiana Brasov in Romania accounted for the organizing team of INFOGROUP agency the confirmation of a total success and certifying that Meat & Milk is the most important annual event for the sectors, and for the whole Romanian food industry.


Common workshop


From the begining, we should mention that almost all the speeches of the common workshop in the morning of June 4th argued the title of the day, all speakers stressing that innovation and technology upgrades are essential elements of performance.


Daniel ConstantinThe one who opened the workshop was Mr. Daniel Constantin, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Developmentin Romania. Present for the second time at the annual event organized by infoGROUP, trying to answer the question „Which are the growth engines of the dairy and meat sectors Romanian?” the minister was referring broadly to support policies developed both nationally and the provisions of the program PNDR 2014-2020, stressing the need to involve farmers and informing them that can access unrefundable European funding at a rate of over 70%, for the case of production integration.


Regarding the processors’ activity, Mr Daniel Constantin said it is imperative the increasing of export, especially on third markets, with finished products that can generate consistent profits. For this regard, he announced the launch of the future of public-private partnership programs for promoting Romanian food products to export. Of course, the dialogue with the participants was not missed who filled the conference room to overflowing, answering to many questions coming especially from farmers who have asked support, for example, to stop illegal imports of goats, and to eliminate legislative, organizational dysfunctions, to the purchase of live animals.

Marius Dunca


The second important guest of the day was Mr. Marius Dunca, President of ANPC, the one who insisted on two ideas: First, that tacit agreement „nonaggression” difficulties generated by the implementation of new regulations related to labeling food, will continue. Secondly, however, he appealed to the meat and milk processors to strictly comply with the legislation on consumer protection, highlighting that the label and the product represent the true picture of a company.


The first presentation of the day was held by Mr. Marius Maier, CEO of CMC Grup Broker de Asigurare, who spoke about „Business risks vs risky business: Solution-innovation and / or retehnologization of risk management strategy”, that informed the participants on the need for risk management, especially regarding transport systems and freight transport activities in general.


One of the most interesting presentations of the day belonged to Mr. Constantin Ghetu, Food Product Manager of the company Bureau Veritas Romania, who detailed the company’s offer „Product measuring and monitoring-premises for the company performance„. No lacked detailed references to certification programs that the company makes available to the meat and milk companies in Romania.


Mr. Horatiu Basa, Managing Director of Testo Romania presented the „Monitoring food safety with HACCP tools” in which detailed the offer for temperature measuring device and control, equipment which is indispensable for both production flow, and in storage or for store networks.


In turn, Mr Ciprian Ciucu, Director of the Romanian Centre for European Policies presented „National Programme efficiency for schoolars: croissant and milk in the context of the European scheme”. Based on a very interesting study by a team that coordinates, Mr Ciucu highlighted the shortcomings of the national program and the need to optimize it, both as a good solution for feeding the schoolars and as a economic support for companies that participate at the aution for the Program.


Last, but the most interesting presentation, belonged to Mercury Research, held by Mrs. Ingrid Lambru, Director of Marketing. Thus, under the heading „Sausage market study: Cold Cuts Infokit” Mrs. Lambru detailed through the examples provided, as well as through statistical data contained in the presentation, the shortcomings of many advertising campaigns made for meat products ranging from cold cuts, warning that using the images of children is at least counterproductive, since 47% of families in Romania have no children!


We have 9% VAT for food. What do we do now?


The focus of the entire event was the Roundtable entitled “We have 9% VAT for food. What do we do now?” The debate that lasted 90 minutes and was broadcast live by the TV media Agro TV had as speakers: Daniel Constantin, Marius Dunca, Dorin Cojocaru, Sorin Minea, Florin Căpăţână, Ioan Ladoşi, Claudiu Franc. They were joined, as special guest, by Mr. Cornel Opincaru Commissioner Head of the Department for Economic Crime in Romanian Police.



Having the opportunity to speak first, Minister Daniel Constantin congratulated the organizing team, saying Meat & Milk is „the most important annual event of the entire Romanian food industry”. After that, of course, went straight to the topic, and expressed hope that with the reduction in VAT,the consumption will increase and will diminish the evasion in the two sectors. In turn, Mr. Marius Dunca said he hopes that from now on, consumers will have the opportunity to buy foods of a high quality.


After Mr Ioan Ladosi and Claudiu Franc accepted that the tax reduction is beneficial for farmers also, adding here that Mr. Franc has raised the issue with the milk price fall again, Mr. Dorin Cojocaru responded, claiming that the relationship between milk processors and farmers is one contractual, market. Subsequently, Mr. Cojocaru congratulated the Minister of Agriculture for the way they acted in the previous period, in all actions of government determination to support colleagues on VAT reduction to 9%.

Speaking, Mr. Cornel Opincaru Chief Officer drew attention to the fact that all the forces of the market surveillance and economic agents are constantly on alert, because, above all is respect for the law, for the benefit of companies conducting their affairs properly, and for the citizens.


Of course, the fiercest discussion were between Mr. Florin Capatana and Mr Sorin Minea, those who, making correct statements and very hard, were the one who light up the discussions. Making a very precise analysis of the effects of reducing VAT, Mr. Sorin Minea revealed that the effects will be seen sooner than about six months, but consumption will increase by only 2- 3%:„From where to increase more? We can not invent another 10 million Romanians, so do not expect too much growth. Do not forget, furthermore, that in the summer consumption drops. But any increase in overall business will come from the decline of black market. So this level of 2-3%, plus the exit to the surface of a part of the black market, will lead to the salvation of the two industries and necessary addition to the budget. „


On the other hand, Mr. Florin Capatana, the Vice President of Romanian Retail Association (AMRCR), conceded that there were some failures in the relationship between food suppliers and supermarkets but, overall, prices did not fall at the shelf: „Everyone sees us those in retail like vampires sucking people’s blood, when in fact, we are all in the same boat, and farmers and suppliers and us the traders. Who would be crazy to raise prices and to be bankrupt?”, rhetorically asked Mr. Capatana.


Later, after an intensive dialogue between speakers and participants in the room, they all admitted that from early June, Romania has entered a positive economic sign. In the conclusion Mr. Sorin Minea said the message: „I tell you, all that depends on us whether it will be better or worse. For now, no one has any reason to steal. And if I hear something, I’ll be the one who will give the list to the Chief Officer!”


infoTRIP Section

Visit the dairy farm Honigberg

infoTRIP Section


The second visit was at a dairy farm, Honinberg from Brasov county, Romania.  The farm is a start-up developed with the support of GEA Farm Technologies and organized on the model of family farms, Honigberg farm, headed by Mr Marian Man, is a model of ambition. In fact, even the words of Mr. Sandu Miclăuş, GEA representative, were enlightening: „We did not come here to see GEA equipment, but to introduce to you this man of exceptional quality, Marian Man, the one who proved that by ambition you can achieve everything you want and not even the fierce enemy cannot bring you down.” InfoGROUP agency congratulates Mr. Man for all he has done to his farm.


EXPO Section


In every moment of every day during the conference period , the booths placed in the EXPO section were full of participants who tasted premium meat and milk products and asked for details about products and services of the companies providing the most diverse technologies. In this section, exposed: GEA Group Aktiengesellshaft, CRIS-TIM, Albalact, Romvac Company, Agricola International Bacau, Five Continents, Air Liquide Romania, Angst, Danone Romania, Biotrend Plus, Zimbria, Mirdatod, Tetra Pak, Webasto, Hanna Instruments, HBP Eko Distribution and Iveco.

Expo Section
During the coffee break before entering for the Rountable discussions, Minister Daniel Constantin and Mr. Marius Dunca, accompanied by the organizers, as well as by Mr Radu Timis, Dorin Cojocaru and Sorin Minea, visited each booth in the EXPO Section and discussed with the representatives of exhibiting companies mentioned in the paragraph above.


Meat & Milk 2015 statistical data 


Participaants: 362

Oficial guests: 36

Total participants: 398

Companies participating: 164

Participants at infoTRIP section: 96

Hours of discussions and presentations: 18

Processors: 43 %

Farmers: 21 %

Companies that provide services and technology: 31 %

Retail: 5 %

TV Live Broadcast on Agro TV: 5 hours

Radio Live: (Radio Bucharest, Antena satelor): 18